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The following links are listed to provide you with additional online mental health care information and counseling resources.

Dissociation and Traumatic Stress

Sidran Foundation Home Page

Additional Mental Health Care & Counseling Resources


Books and WebLinks for Couples

You Just Don't Understand : Women and Men in Conversationby Deborah Tannen (2001) Will show why women and men can walk away from the same conversation with completely different impressions of what was said. Gives you the tools to understand what went wrong and to find a common language in which to strengthen relationships at work and at home. A classic in the field of interpersonal relations. Audio Cassette

Passionate Marriage : Love, Sex, and Intimacy in Emotionally Committed Relationships by David Schnarch (1998) How to spark up marital sex life that has become routine or unfulfilling. Goes to the dynamics of learning how to communicate desires, standing close, and being prepared to self-soothe. If hopes are not met man is more likely to let a relationship suffer in order to hold on to his sense of self, while a woman is more apt to let her identity suffer to help strengthen it. Schnarch teaches how to find inner strength and resilience that can be used to reaffirm a relationship and reignite sex.

The Dance of Connection: How to Talk to Talk to Someone When You're Mad, Hurt, Scared, Frustrated, Insulted, Betrayed, or Desperate by Harriet Lerner (2001) Practical advice on sharing vulnerability; voicing concerns, complaints or requests; apologizing; listening and setting limits on how much one is willing to listen to others' complaints and negativity. Lerner focuses on the authentic expression of self, "maximiz[ing] the chance of being heard" and keeping the connection open, despite complex emotions, misunderstandings and silences. Audio Cassettes

The Dance of Intimacy : A Woman's Guide to Courageous Acts of Change in Key Relationships by Harriet Lerner (1990) Outlines the steps to take so that good relationships can be strengthened and difficult ones can be healed. She teaches us about the specific changes we can make to achieve a more solid sense of self and a more intimate connectedness with others. A solid, helpful book on intimate relationships that both women and men may ever encounter. Audio Cassette 1990

Dance of Anger: A Woman's Guide to Changing the Patterns of Intimate Relationshipsby Harriet Goldhor Lerner (1989) A clasic book that offers constructive solutions for the transformation of anger, and improving relationships with people who make us angry. It deals with generational patterns of anger! This book is writen with the female pronoun because "women buy self help books" but it also applies to men. Audio Cassette 1988

Please Understand Me II: Temperament, Character, and Intelligenceby David Keirsey (1998) Helps one define their personality style. The book's essential message: that members of families and institutions are OK, even though they are fundamentally different from each other, and that they would all do well to appreciate their differences and give up trying to change others into copies of themselves.

Getting the Love You Want : A Guide for Couples by Harville Hendrix,Ph.D.(2001) Imago Relationship Therapy. From a number of disciplines, including the behavioral sciences, depth psychology, cognitive therapy, and Gestalt, Hendrix has developed his approach to therapy and this book. You are asked to do exercises to uncover yourself. If you don't do the exercises, the book will be of little value.

After the Affair : Healing the Pain and Rebuilding Trust When a Partner Has Been Unfaithful by Janis Abrahms, Ph.D. (1997) Strategies for surviving the crisis and rebuilding the relationship. It provides proven, practical advice to help the couple change their behavior toward each other, cultivate trust and forgiveness and build a healthier, more conscious intimate partnership.

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